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Friday, 19 September 2008

Aleksandr Ivanov. The Appearance of Christ to the People. 1857

The Appearance of Christ to the People (Aleksandr Ivanov, 1857)

This is not only one of the “iconic” canvasses of Russian art, it is one of the most familiar paintings to art lovers who know nothing further of the Russian oeuvre. Ivanov worked on this for over twenty years, and his painstaking attention to detail shows. Truly, one of the 100 greatest paintings of all time, and I do not say this lightly.

Do click on the image, and, then, click again. A HUGE image awaits you, giving you the full detail of this wondrous artwork.

Karl Bryullov. The Last Day of Pompeii. 1833

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The Last Day of Pompeii (Karl Brullov, 1833)

This was the first internationally-acclaimed canvas by a Russian painter. Those familiar with art shall see the similarities with David. Bryullov spent most of his working life in Italy, and much of his work is “sunnier” than this piece. Nevertheless, this is the piece that proclaimed that Russian art had “arrived”.

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