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Saturday, 3 January 2009

Vladimir Pervunensky. Riding with Borzois. 2004

Riding with Borzois (Vladimir Pervunensky, 2004)

Pervunensky specialises in the fin du si├Ęcle period just prior to the Revolution at the turn of the 20th century. The scenes are drawn from the great European capitals of Paris, Berlin, Vienna, and St Petersburg, or, the manor houses of the aristocracy. Since people have never possessed working crystal balls, they thought that the world of the three great continental empires of Romanov Russia, Hohenzollern Germany, and Hapsburg Austria-Hungary would continue into the future, just as current folks believe that contemporary trends are going to continue indefinitely.


Vladimir Pervunensky. At the Manor. 2005

At the Manor (Vladimir Pervunensky, 2005)

Vladimir Pervunensky. A Ball. 2005

A Ball (Vladimir Pervunensky, 2005)

How about some music for the waltz?

Vladimir Pervunensky. Autumn in the City. 2006

Autumn in the City (Vladimir Pervunensky, 2006)

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