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Sunday, 11 January 2009

Sergei Prisekin. The Battle of Kulikovo. 1994

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The Battle of Kulikovo (Sergei Prisekin, 1994)

The Battle of the Field of Kulikovo is one of the turning points in Russian history. Although it occurred in 1380, the date of its anniversary is still marked with great ceremony today, it is very much alive in the consciousness of the Russian people. Grand Prince St Dmitri Donskoi led the Russian host to victory over the Tatars, and it marked the beginning of the expansion of the Russian state to the east and south. Before departing for the field of battle, St Dmitri received a blessing from St Sergei of Radonezh, who founded one of the most famous Russian monasteries, the St Sergius-Holy Trinity Lavra in Sergeyev Posad, which remains one of the most revered pilgrimage destinations in all of Russia. One of the leading heroes of the battle was Prince Dmitri Bobrok of Volyn, who led the charge of the Volynian vityazi (Russian knights) that broke the Tartar line.

David Shteyngartz. Guests. 2005

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Guests (David Shteyngartz, 2005)

Vachikan Ispiryan. A Seascape. 2004

A Seascape (Vachikan Ispiryan, 2004)

Aleksei Silantiev. Winter Evening. 2005

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Winter Evening (Aleksei Silantiev, 2005)

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