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Monday, 12 January 2009

Boris Olshansky. Jesus and the Money-Changers. 2006

Jesus and the Money-Changers (Boris Olshansky, 2006)

Now, this IS something different! The scene of Christ chasing the money-changers out of the temple is updated to the present day. Many Americans are not aware that Russians take a different view of capitalism and the rich than they do. Most Russians view the exploitation of others for filthy lucre as sinful, and the existence of robber-barons has only deepened that impulse. Indeed, we must realise that greed and imposture is at the root of the present economic crisis, and we must act accordingly.

This is not only an allegory of clearing out the affluent effluent (you KNOW what I mean) from the Church, I see in it a rejection of all those who have tried to inject Protestant and Catholic practises in the Church, especially here in America. It’s time for us to pick up the cat o’ nine tails and the crowbars, chase those rascals out (both varieties), and CLEAN HOUSE. Then, we’ll have a safe place not only for us and our kids (and their kids, in the proper time), but, for all who would care to join us! As the painting shows, Our Lord Christ was not (and is not) a weak and impotent wimp lisping, “We have to move on”. Rather, He said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life”. Amen!

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