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Monday, 12 January 2009

Valery Busygin. Evening in the Village. 2005

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Evening in the Village (Valery Busygin, 2005)

Valery Busygin. Camomiles. 2005

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Camomiles (Valery Busygin, 2005)

Valery Busygin. A Thaw. 2005

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A Thaw (Valery Busygin, 2005)

Valery Busygin. A Thawed Patch. 2007

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A Thawed Patch (Valery Busygin, 2007)

As Bill would say, “this looks COLD”. There is no doubt that Mr Busygin put on his long-johns and flannelette and went out and tramped in the snow to paint this. You can almost hear the snow crackling under his boots… I hope that he had a good shot of something good after he got home… after being out in a Russian winter, you deserve it!

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