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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Konstantin Zvezdochetov. Mother and Motherland: Equal in Honour! no date (2000s?)

Mother and Motherland: Equal in Honour!

Konstantin Zvezdochetov

undated (2000s?)


This work is indicitive of the creative synthesis taking part in Russia today. Russians are not merely rejecting Communism, rather, they are taking what was good from the Soviet period and combining it with the best of the Tsarist and Old Russian traditions. In short, it is not merely a slavish imitation of American-style “democracy” (which has disappointed many in the West), but, it is a unique construct suited to the particular history, culture, and weltanshauung of Russia. That is to say, it stands in opposition to many of the accepted verities of “modernity”… thank God for that!


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