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Friday, 27 November 2009

Sergei Korsun. Suicide. 2009

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Suicide (Sergei Korsun, 2009)

I’m not going to be lectured about this cartoon. Save your time and energy. It doesn’t make fun of suicides… it’s more “gallows humour” about devils and sporting events. I found it funny… if you don’t care for that… nuts to you, it’s my site. Pass me the jug…

Anonymous. Meeting the Guest of Honour. 2009

Meeting the Guest of Honour (Anonymous, 2009)

This was an incident during the visit of Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev to Solovki in August 2009. It was on a Live Journal site, Apparently, it was scanned from the November/December 2009 issue of Russian Life (which is available at Barnes & Noble in the north-eastern USA, I can’t speak for other regions), which is still on sale, I’ll warrant.

The clergy lined up in anticipation of the patriarch’s arrival, then, a mutt strolled out of the crowd, moved amongst the priests, sniffing the air happily. It caused smiles all around, but, no one moved. After sowing such cheery confusion, the dog sauntered leisurely back into the crowd.

Andrei Buzov. The Unbeliever. 2009

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The Unbeliever (Andrei Buzov, 2009)

What do you mean, “I should’ve turned the steering wheel to the right?” I’m no newbie, honey!

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