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Saturday, 12 December 2009

Aleksandr Shurlakov. Tenderness. 2009

Tenderness (Aleksandr Shurlakov, 2009)

I simply LOVE this snap of a gran’pa with his grandchild. THIS is what it’s all about, people. It’s why I’m feisty and surly… it’s so that gran’pas can take their little ones up to communion like this. God bless this lovely man… again, THIS is TRUTH.

Aleksandr Shurlakov. An Elder. 2004

An Elder (Aleksandr Shurlakov, 2004)

Andrei Karashchuk. The First Spetsnaz of Russia. 2000

The First Spetsnaz of Russia (Andrei Karashchuk, 2000)

Anton Chirkov. The Year 1917. 1932

The Year 1917 (Anton Chirkov, 1932)

This piece is the epitome of Chirkin’s œuvre, therefore, it is not in the chronological sequence of his other works shown. This canvas has quite a fascinating history. The latest (though actually the first) display of the painting at the jubilee exhibition at the Tretyakov Gallery in December 2003 aroused strong interest amongst art critics and the public. Apart from the author’s recusant conception and innovative execution, this canvas is notable for its history. During the artist’s lifetime (1902-46), the painting had only one exhibition, in 1937 (!) at the Hammer and Sickle Palace of Culture, and was withdrawn on its first day of showing. As it became evident that any further attempts to exhibit this painting could have adverse effects on the life of the artist and his family, they rolled it up and kept it stored until 2001. In the course of the preparation for the A. N. Chirkov Centenary Exhibition at the State Tretyakov Gallery, the museum decided to restore this painting for future exhibition.

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