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Sunday, 13 December 2009

The Ice March

The Ice March


This was the retreat of General Lavr Kornilov‘s anti-Bolshevik Volunteer Army from Rostov over the ice to the Kuban in early 1918. Many civilians accompanied the troops because of the Red terror. This was one of the most epic episodes of the Civil War, and all those who participated in the Ice March received the “Crown of Thorns” Medal. The Ice March had the same impact for the White Movement as the Long March had for Chinese communists.


The poster above was used for recruiting to the Volunteer Army. “My son… go and save the Motherland!”


Dmitri Belyukin. The Cossack Sukhov (Great Patriotic War of 1812). 1992

The Cossack Sukhov (Great Patriotic War of 1812) (Dmitri Belyukin,1992)

Snegurochka and One of Her Animal Friends

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It’s interesting, but, Christmas is not as big a deal in Russia as it is in the Proddie West. There’s a good deal of hoopla, but, it’s for the New Year’s. There’s some sense in that, I think. We can transfer all the Santa stuff to the New Year’s and keep Christmas for Christ. Of course, I’m against those neo-Puritan sourpusses who are against fun on principle. However, the only reason that Christmas has the stature that it does in American Orthodoxy is for the same reason that Hanukkah became big amongst American Jews. So, be careful if you attack Hanukkah… you also attack the Orthodox celebration of Christmas.

It’s sobering to reflect that some of the more feral Jew haters, Muslim haters, and Americanists are prunish spoilsports who consider themselves “sober Orthodox” who oppose any form of merriment or enjoyment. God save me from such “religion”.

Besides… MERRY CHRISTMAS! AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let’s emulate Scrooge after the Spirits got done with him… not what he was before!

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