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Monday, 21 December 2009

Sergei Prokudin-Gorsky. A Field of Poppies. no date (first decades of the 20th century)

A Field of Poppies (Sergei Prokudin-Gorsky, no date (first decades of the 20th century)

A Window Into a Lost World 3: The People of Tsarist Russia

This is a timeless shot. It could have been taken yesterday… didn’t I see someone just like this on the street the other day? Our ancestors were exactly like us… in every way. Beware all phonies who cry, “Times have changed”… like unto them are those who bleat, “It’s time to move on”. Neither of these charlatans recognise the real role that the past plays in our personal and collective lives. Beware them both… but, especially beware those who advise you, “move on”… such sorts ALWAYS have an agenda.

Do You Hear Those Bells Off in the Distance?

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No, Dede does not come in a sleigh pulled by tiny reindeer (Yamal Iri, from Nenetsia, does, but, that’s another story). Dede comes in a troika, a traditional Russian coach-sleigh pulled by a team of three horses. This is, perhaps, the epitome of the horse-drawn vehicle, and there is none faster or more comfortable. Don’t forget to have treats for Dede’s horses when he comes… they deserve a holiday too!

He’s Ready… Are You?

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Did you send off your e-mail to the one and only certified genuine, 100 percent pure, and unadulterated Dede Moroz in Veliki Ustiug? You’ve only got a short time to reserve for the Western Christmas. Now, remember, Dede likes his vodka ice-cold, and do have some carrots, apples, and sugar for his horses. Oh… don’t forget Snegurochka! She’d like a nice little nip, too.

Take heart, the nuttiness is almost over for many of you. It’s only three more days…

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