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Thursday, 24 December 2009

Bringing Home the Tree

Here is a classic holiday scene from 1952. Yes, Virginia, there was life in the “Evil Empire”, and it wasn’t much different from life anywhere else, American propaganda notwithstanding.

Congratulations! To my friends on their holiday.

In Russian, we don’t “greet” people at the holidays, we “congratulate” them. So… “Congratulations” on your Christmas and may it be happy! May I still be your friend?

To the Nativity of Christ 2009!

To all my Protestant and Catholic friends celebrating on this day… my sincere and heartfelt greetings on the day. Shall you come to my holiday, when it’s time? Yes… there’s always room for one more.

Snegurochka Comes to Her Little Friends

Snegurochka is portrayed as having a love for the small creatures of the wild… and bringing them good cheer and love. It’s a holiday for them too!

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