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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Aleksei Evstigeniev. The Battle of the Shipka Pass. 2003

The Battle of the Shipka Pass

Aleksei Evstigeniev



This battle in Bulgaria, won by the Orthodox forces under the command of Marshal Skobelyov, the “White General” (for he rode a white horse into battle), opened the way for the liberation of the Orthodox Balkans from the Turkish yoke. However… the West, in the form of Germany and Britain, didn’t want Russia controlling the straits. So, Russia was pressured into letting Turkey having back some of its losses. As a result, a good part of the Christian Balkans groaned under the Ottoman boot until 1912 and the Turkish control of the Straits in World War I stymied efforts by Russia and its allies to join forces on the Eastern Front. This is why Russian people don’t trust the West… we’ve been stabbed once too often from that direction.


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