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Saturday, 27 September 2008

Russian Folk Song. Выйду ночью в поле с конём. I Shall Leave for the Field Tonight on My Horse. Peresvet Male Chamber Chorus

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A beautiful folk song sung by the Peresvet Male Chamber Chorus. The first 35 seconds feature the soloist singing alone, unaccompanied, then the chorus gradually breaks into full harmony. This video is of a live performance in April 2008 in Podolsk, the soloist is Vladislav Kosaryov. Get a load of those LOW Russian basses! Dreamy…

Franz Schubert. Ave Maria. sung by Peresvet Male Chamber Chorus

This is an a cappella rendition of the beloved old Schubert standard by the Peresvet Male Chamber Chorus in a live concert video from Podolsk in April 2008. The soloist is Yuri Barkov. 

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Memories of Jordanville

A moving evocation of Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville NY. We went to the monastery for Easter services last night, and it was so beautiful that one could not know if one was on earth or in the forecourts of Paradise. There were some interesting changes. Some English was used in the service, and before the liturgy proper began, one of the seminarians was reading the Acts of the Apostles in Spanish. Jordanville is the beating heart of our Russian Orthodox Church here in America, and I would say to everyone to go there at least once… one knows that one is on holy ground sanctified by the podvigi of many elders and spiritual fathers. 

Thank you, Fr George, for your kind and loving advice to me. I bow before you in appreciation and gratitude. Pray for this sinner.



The music is a setting of the Great Doxology by Pavel Chesnokov. The ensemble was not identified, I am sorry.

Saturday, 26 April 2008

from the liturgy… the “Our Father” in Staroslav

This video shows the healthiness of many parishes in the OCA. The rot emanating from SVS/Syosset does not permeate the whole, please God. This why I pray daily for the institutional unity of the Russian Orthodox Church in the USA and Canada under the aegis of Moscow. May that day come soon!

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