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Friday, 2 October 2015

Viktor Ivanov. No Matter What It Looks Like… The Enemy is Treacherous. 1945

00 Viktor Ivanov. No Matter What It Looks Like... The Enemy is Treacherous. 1945

No Matter What It Looks Like… The Enemy is Treacherous

Viktor Ivanov


Saturday, 7 February 2015

Kukryniksy. Free Us! 1942

00 Kukryniksy. Free Us. 1942

Free Us!



Monday, 10 November 2008

Ilya Glazunov. The Roads of War. 1957/1985


The Roads of War

Ilya Glazunov


This was originally painted as Glazunov’s graduation piece from the art academy. To say that it caused a stir is an understatement. This painting is a brutally-realistic picture of war, it is not idealised in any way, shape, or form, it is not “positive” (mistrust anyone who uses that word, it is one of the worst weasel-words, it is devoid of intrinsic meaning, and can be distorted in any one of dozens of different ways). It was rejected categorically. In  1964, he exhibited the work at the Manezh exhibition hall, and the authorities confiscated the canvas and destroyed it. In the mid-80s, he redid the piece.


Friday, 9 May 2008

Pyotr Krivonogov. Victory! 1948

Pyotr Krivonogov. Victory! 1948


Pyotr Krivonogov



Today is VICTORY DAY! Glory to all our veterans of World War II, of all nationalities, who rid the world of the Nazi menace. If they hadn’t done this, the world would be a sadder place.

NEVER FORGET their sacrifice!

NEVER FORGET the innocent victims!

NEVER FORGET the cost that they paid!

If we forget, we’ll be doomed to repeat it, under a new face, assuredly, but it’d be the same old horror. That’s why you should never listen to those who tell you to “move on”. Be it in one’s private life, or in the larger life of society, this advice is always destructive and malicious. We must always be mindful of the past, so that we can draw the proper lessons from it. A person or society lacking a past is a soulless golem, never forget that. To all our veterans, wherever they may be, whatever nationality they may be, or whatever was the form of their service:


We can’t say that often enough or loudly enough. We honour you.


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