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Monday, 12 January 2009

Yuri Lysov. Moses. 2007


Yuri Lysov



One thing that’s always gotten under my skin are those sorts who attempt to “explain away” miracles or who smirkily dismiss them (I’m not talking of people outside of the Church, I’m talking of overeducated pseudo-intellectuals inside the Church). As for me, I believe that Moses parted the Red Sea. Why not? If you’re a believer, you agree that God’s the Master of the Universe, and that He can suspend its laws (in a greater or lesser way) if He so desires. As for us being “better informed” than the ancients, that’s airy and mendacious nonsense. Those folks may not have known the scientific ins-and-outs, but they had a good-sense grasp of how the world operated, backed by copious observation and acceptance of legitimate tradition. In short, their mothers didn’t raise any fools! If ancient tradition reports a miracle, I tend to believe it, unless there’s disproving evidence (no, Aleksandr Schmemann calling St Basil the Blessed clinically insane without a shred of proof isn’t disproving evidence, to give an instance).

My God can part the Red Sea and raise the dead! Can yours?


Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Ivan Kramskoi. The Prayer of Moses Before the Israelites Passed Through the Red Sea. 1861

The Prayer of Moses Before the Israelites Passed Through the Red Sea

Ivan Kramskoi


Sunday, 13 July 2008

Ivan Aivazovsky. The Passage of the Jews through the Red Sea. 1891

The Passage of the Jews through the Red Sea

Ivan Aivazovsky



Now, here’s a painting that does justice to the biblical story. This actually LOOKS like the sea. Pharaoh and his chariots are drowning in the sea, just as it says in the Matins Canon. Now, if we were to use this as an allegory… it doesn’t bode well for poseurs, does it?


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