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Friday, 14 November 2008

Silent Night as Sung by Muslim Magomayev (Honoured Artist of Russia) and His Wife Tatiana Sinyavskaya



It’s time to start thinking of the Nativity season and it’s time to prepare for American Thanksgiving (our Canadian friends already had theirs in October), which means that it’s time to think of getting ready for Christmas on 7 January. So, I was looking for two musical pieces to tack on the front page for the duration of the holiday period. I chose this piece, sung in English by THE BOSS HIMSELF, the late great Muslim Magomayev (Honoured Artist of Russia) (Westerners didn’t call him the “Russian Sinatra” for nothing) and his wife, Tatiana Sinyavskaya. Reflect on the fact that they are not singing in their native languages and that this video was made in late Soviet times. Before 1991, the first shoots of the present revival in Russia were showing, and this video’s proof of that.

A lovely and blessed Nativity season to all of you.


Sunday, 3 February 2008

Video. Poddacha Na Altare (A Sacrifice on the Altar)

This is a video featuring many of the New Martyrs of Russia murdered by the Reds. Literally, millions gave their lives for Christ and Faith.


Let that sink in… They all had names. Think of how long it would take to say them all! That’s why we can’t allow radicals of the left or right into power. Besides the Reds, the 20th century saw the greatest bloodlettings mankind has ever seen. Reds, Nazis, Ustaše, OUN, Khmer Rouge, UÇK/KLA, Taliban… all were murderous; all were exclusivist nationalists. You’ll note many icons of the Martyrs of Butovo. In this one location outside Moscow, thousands died for Christ’s sake. The icon of St Maksim Sandovych is important. He gave his life because he rejected Uniatism, as did many others at the concentration camp in Talerhof (the Austrians have since obliterated the evidence of their crimes by building an airport on the site… how CONVENIENT). Not all the wickedness of the last century was at the hands of the Reds or Nazis. I stand mute at such a sacrifice… there are no words to be said.


Thursday, 6 December 2007

The Last Battle. Dmitri Khvorostovsky

A moving song in tribute to fallen soldiers is matched with art by contemporary Russian students. It is sung by Dmitri Khvorostovsky with the Moscow Chamber Orchestra. They haven’t forgotten… the motherland never forgets!


Friday, 30 November 2007

Rodina Slyshit (The Motherland Hears). Dmitri Khvorostovsky

Rodina Slyshit was a popular song of the Soviet period (it dates from 1961, from the time of the space flight of Yuri Gagarin). This recording has an interesting wrinkle to it. It starts off with a home recording of Dmitri Khvorostovsky as a boy singing this song accompanied by his father Aleksandr on the piano. Then, it segues into a contemporary recording of Mr Khvorostovsky with full orchestra. The song has a backdrop of “mood landscape” paintings by Pavel Osinyn.


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