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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Unknown Artist. Royal Martyr Tsar St Nikolai Aleksandrovich the Passionbearer. undated (2000s?)

Royal Martyr Tsar St Nikolai Aleksandrovich the Passionbearer

Unknown artist

undated (2000s?)



There is an infallible test that shows you the true standing of this or that Orthodox institution or person. Those who honour the Tsar Martyr openly and venerate him are true Orthodox Christians. Those who denigrate or minimise him, those who slander him or call him dysfunctional, and those who pass over his podvig in silence are not Orthodox Christians at all. Reflect well on the fact that Aleksandr Schmemann denigrated the Tsar Martyr, as did (and does SVS). They DO love Rowan Williams, the official Episcopal Church , and Robert Taft! A word to the wise, eh…


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