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Saturday, 27 March 2010

Filipp Moskvitin. A Portrait of Grand Princess St Yelizaveta Fyodrovna the New Martyr. 2006

A Portrait of Grand Princess St Yelzaveta Fyodrovna the New Martyr

Filipp Moskvitin


Saturday, 12 December 2009

Vera Glazunova. The Holy New Martyr Grand Princess Yelizaveta Fyodorovna. 1997

The Holy New Martyr Grand Princess Yelizaveta Fyodorovna

Vera Glazunova



I believe that this artist is the daughter of the great artist, Ilya Glazunov… this work received a gold medal and it was Ms Galzunova’s diploma work.


Thursday, 7 August 2008

Mikhail Nesterov. The Most Holy Mother of God of Tenderness. 1909

The Most Holy Mother of God of Tenderness

Mikhail Nesterov



This is an example of the iconography executed by the great artist Mikhail Nesterov for the Marfa-Mariinskoye Obitel (Martha and Mary Convent) in Moscow. He also designed the habits of the sisterhood. Of course, it is not in the “approved” “Byzantine” style. Oh, dear! Let’s all shudder together in unison! No doubt, my faithful readers know my opinion on “Byzantine” iconography! Well… it hasn’t changed one whit since the last time! I remember a recent Anglo-Saxon convert excoriating me for using “Mother of God” instead of “Theotokos” and for championing “Western” icons. Firstly, we do NOT say “Theotokos” in Russian, we say “Bogoroditse” (She who bore God, the Godbearer). We also say… GASP! …”Bogomater” (Mother of God). Therefore, in English, “Mother of God” or “Godbearer” do quite nicely. As for “Theotokos”, that is an precious affectation best discarded. As for the complaint against “Western” icons, it was made by a person ignorant of Russian art history, so, as a Christian, I must extend forgiveness (to the person, not to the idea… that’s still absurd!). If Grand Princess St Yelizaveta Fyodrovna the New Martyr approved of Nesterov’s take on iconography, so do I! I do daresay that the blood of a martyr outweighs all the pseudo-scholarship from the usual cast of suspects.


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