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Saturday, 1 May 2010

Aleksandr Afonin. A Dale in Valaam. undated (contemporary)

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A Dale in Valaam (Aleksandr Afonin, undated (contemporary))

Have you noticed the similarity between the names “Afonin” and “Afonina”? Ten points to all of you who answered, “Afonina is the feminine declension of Afonin”. Would you believe it if I told you that they were not only husband and wife, but that both of them are Honoured Painters of Russia? ‘Tis so, friends and neighbours… and the world is better off for it!

Aleksandr Afonin. A Night for Nightingales. undated (contemporary)

A Night for Nightingales (Aleksandr Afonin, undated (contemporary))

Aleksandr Afonin. Divnaya Bay: An Étude. undated (contemporary)

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Divnaya Bay: An Étude (Aleksandr Afonin, undated (contemporary))

Aleksandr Afonin. Divny Island in Valaam. undated (contemporary)

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Divny Island in Valaam (Aleksandr Afonin, undated (contemporary))

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