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Monday, 10 May 2010

Miron Lukyanov. Into Whose Pocket? 1995

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Into Whose Pocket?

Miron Lukyanov


There is a reason why the American press, which is captive to the ideology of Radical Corporatism, broadcasts hate of Russia. In the 90s, pirate oligarchs such as Khodorkovsky, in league with American corporate interests, attempted to seize Russian natural resources to divert capital flow to the West. Needless to say, President Putin put an end to that! Khodorokovsky was (rightly) jailed… where he remains to this day, and the profits from Russian natural resources are used for the development of Russia, not for the enrichment of American corporate drones.

This poster was part of that successful effort. Big Money doesn’t always win…

Miron Lukyanov. Give Them Their Freedom! 2003

Give Them Their Freedom!

Miron Lukyanov


The bombs represent the fingers of the hand of the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) squeezing the life out of Lady Liberty. Remember, it was President Dwight Eisenhower, no radical liberal he, who warned us of the MIC. After seeing Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan… he was right… and the last three US Presidents were WRONG.

Gennady Koptsov. St George Slaying the Dragon. 2002

St George Slaying the Dragon

Gennady Koptsov


Aleksei Pakhomov. The Partisans. late 1940s

The Partisans

Aleksei Pakhomov


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